Here's Taskmaster – The Final

Thursday: Taskmaster – The Final (Channel 4, 9pm)
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Susan Wokoma admits that when she was approached about appearing in the current series of Taskmaster, she had a couple of reservations.

She says: “I was so flattered, but then the fear started. I wasn’t going to do it because I thought, ‘I’m not a stand-up.’

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“The only place I’ve ever done stand-up is on The Guilty Feminist podcast but that’s just a five-minute go at it, and it’s very anecdotal… But I haven’t been out on the road or anything, nothing like [fellow contestant] Julian Clary.”

Taskmaster, Greg DaviesTaskmaster, Greg Davies
Taskmaster, Greg Davies

Her other worry was that she lacked the killer instinct needed to do well in the contest. “I don’t really do competitiveness. It’s been a problem and that’s not because I’m an angel – it’s because I do not back myself, not even playing Connect Four.”

However, it turns out she is in very good company in that respect – this might be the least competitive series in Taskmaster history.

Lucy Beaumont admits that she sometimes forgot that it was supposed to be a competition. She says: “Because you do so many [of the tasks] alone, when I had to meet the others for a group tasks, I was like, ‘Oh, I forgot there were other people involved’. Because in the solo ones Alex kept saying ‘against the other contestants’ and I was like, ‘Oh, there’s other people?’”

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Susan Perkins is definitely in the ‘it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part’ camp too. She says: “I learned that I have no sense of competitiveness, but within five minutes of starting the task I was laughing. Clearly, I’m not competitive because I just laughed my way through it.

“When you come to the studio and watch yourself you think, ‘What an idiot’, because you should have worked out how to do it much sooner. But I don’t care. I had fun.”

If you want proof that the current crop really aren’t too bothered about taking home the trophy, just look at the live tasks that end each episode. We’ve seen Sue getting herself eliminated to save Julian, and the five of them working as a team in a task where they had to collect balls in a container on their heads, when it was supposed to be every comedian for him or herself.

Luckily, this hasn’t made the series any less enjoyable – just ask the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, and his sidekick Alex Horne.

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Alex says: “I can tell you one thing that Greg wrote down on his screen at one point during the studio record: ‘This might be my favourite five ever.’”

Still, someone has to win, and tonight we find out who will be walking away with a model of Greg’s head. Now we’ve reached the final, will one of them suddenly display a previously unexpected ruthless streak?

What we do know is that Sam Campbell is about to design a small bikini, Sue forgets about milk, Susan mixes cornflakes and hot sauce, Lucy feeds her young, and Julian gently assaults someone.