Jamie Oliver and his new One-Pan Wonders

Jamie kicks off his new one-pan series with a simplified and delicious frying-pan pastaJamie kicks off his new one-pan series with a simplified and delicious frying-pan pasta
Jamie kicks off his new one-pan series with a simplified and delicious frying-pan pasta
Monday: Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders - (Channel 4, 8.30pm)

Whether you’re working from home and need a quick lunch, cooking dinner for family and friends, or learning to cook, we could all do with with a bit of culinary inspiration.

Over the past two decades, one chef has inspired the nation to get experimental in the kitchen and enjoy cooking more than any other.

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Having shifted over 46 million books, Jamie Oliver is the top-selling non-fiction author in UK history.

Since bursting on the scene with The Naked Chef in 1999, he has now published 30 best-selling cookery books and his latest, One: Simple One-Pan Wonders, could well sit alongside his 5 Ingredients and 15-Minute Meals as go-to kitchen companions.

The book sees Jamie go back to basics, guiding readers through 120 simple, delicious, one-pan dishes.

From brunches and lunches to dinners and desserts, the easy-to-follow recipes are solutions for Jamie’s own family that we can use for ours.

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The book is packed full of meals that deliver big on flavour with minimum fuss – from speedy 15-minute meals to low and slow dishes that let the oven do all the hard work – there are ideas for batch cooking and shortcuts to family favourites we all love to eat but don’t always have the time to make.

Chapters include Veggie Delights, Celebrating Chicken, Frying Pan Pasta, Batch Cooking and Puds & Cakes, while dishes like Juicy Tahini Chicken, Hassleback Aubergine Pie and Squodgy Croissant Loaf could well become firm favourites.

But perhaps best of all, as each recipe has just eight ingredients or fewer, it means minimal prep and less washing up – even the pasta dishes don’t require a second pan to boil water in.

“One is honestly the most accessible cookbook I’ve ever written and I’ve loved writing and testing it,” Jamie says.

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“Putting everything through the one-pan lens has really challenged me, forcing me to relook at the cooking techniques and processes I’ve taken for granted over the years in order to cut down on the washing up and simplify delicious food in a completely new way.

“Convenience is a big driver these days and, ultimately, the recipes in One celebrate ease – they’ll help you out in the kitchen and deliver big on flavour, which is what we all want.”

Of course, whenever Jamie (and most other celebrity chefs) have a book out, a TV series inevitably follows, and in new eight-part series Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders, he will be showing us an innovative array of never-seen-before techniques, tricks and hacks.

He kicks off the series with a simplified and delicious frying-pan pasta.

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Plus, there’s a clever twist on a fish pie that’s full of flavour with none of the fuss.

And finally, Jamie explains how to create a sublime roast lamb feast, with a fantastic hack to speed up the cooking time.

Once you’ve made the most of his latest series and book, fear not, Jamie will be back on our screens in 2023 with another series split into four parts – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – to demonstrate inspiring recipes using ingredients that can be grown at home.

The nation’s most read chef really is a man for all seasons these days.

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