Derry Journal Editorial: Trusting in Liz Truss?

The past seven days at Westminster has produced more drama, twists and u-turns than a Sky or HBO box set. And we are all the poorer for it, literally.

The huge miscalculations by an out of touch government, largely indemnified themselves from poverty and the the cost of living crisis, have been mind boggling. Prioritising tax cuts for the rich at a time when food-banks are struggling to meet demand and thousands are plunged into poverty weekly was hard to stomach, even by some from within their own ranks.

The energy bills assistance aside, the package of measures, now largely scrapped under new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, has caused so much damage that millions of people will now see their monthly mortgage bills soar, forcing more middle and lower income households into debt, poverty and homelessness. Costs are now rising even faster. The damage is done. But how was this allowed to happen? This seemingly uncosted and bizarre scheme didn’t exactly come out the blue. It had been rehearsed over months of a navel gazing Tory leadership contest.

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The Conservative Party are no stranger to a spot of cannibalism, devouring their own after raising them high. Liz Truss may yet be the latest casualty but the wounds are largely self-inflicted so sympathy is in short supply.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss during a press conference in the briefing room at Downing Street, London. Friday October 14, 2022. Daniel Leal/PA Wire

Here in the north people have little to no say in how we are governed. Politics has broken down in Belfast and London and it is becoming increasingly obvious that our only hope of a better future lies in self governance on this island.