Derry Chamber of Commerce chief Paul Clancy says businesses need certainty and support

Paul ClancyPaul Clancy
Paul Clancy
The Chief Executive of Derry's Chamber of Commerce has said businesses need to be told immediately whether they can open on Friday or not.

Paul Clancy was speaking after the DUP vetoed a proposal by the Health Minister Robin Swann that the current restrictions should be extended for a further two weeks.

Mr. Clancy said: “The lack of a decision this week is beyond frustrating.

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“We have members spread across multiple sectors including close contact retail and hospitality, who have no idea what is happening on Friday. That is an impossible position to be in."

The Derry business lobby chief said local companies needed certainty and support.

“If there won’t be a lifting of restrictions on Friday then this must be communicated to businesses urgently.

“Financial support must also be guaranteed so that businesses can stay closed and keep people in jobs before Christmas.

“We understand that these are grave issues and this is not an easy task, but tough decisions must be made today without further delay.”