New car removal and clamping regulations start today

Drivers who park illegally in urban clearways and bus lanes on the main arterial routes into and out of Belfast may have their vehicles removed and clamped.

The new parking regulations will be enforced from March 5, 2018.
The new parking regulations will be enforced from March 5, 2018.

As well as being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), additional charges to have the vehicle released will apply.

The removing and clamping operation will begin on Monday March 5, however, a two week, one strike warning period will be in place until Monday March 19 during which time drivers parking illegally in these urban clearways and bus lanes will be issued with a warning notice in relation to removal and clamping.

The removal and clamping operation was announced by the former Infrastructure Minister in January 2017 and is one of a number of additional measures to reduce the number of vehicles illegally parking in urban clearway routes and bus lanes in Belfast in an effort to reduce congestion and maintain the free flow of traffic at key times.

Ciarán de Búrca, Department for Infrastructure Director of Transport Projects said: “Vehicles parked in urban clearway routes and bus lanes during operational hours cause significant delays and congestion for commuters and other road users, particularly during the morning and evening peak traffic hours.

“For drivers who choose to ignore urban clearway and bus lane regulations, this specially designed enforcement vehicle will carry out the removal and clamping of illegally parked vehicles leaving main routes unobstructed during these key times and allowing other road users to continue on their journeys without the unnecessary delay caused.

“The Department would urge drivers to give consideration to other road users and park legally at all times. This helps traffic to flow more freely, improves reliability and journey times for public transport services and reduces traffic congestion and the associated environmental pollution.”

Vehicles parked illegally may either be removed to a legal parking location in close proximity to where they were originally illegally parked and then clamped; or they may be removed to the Department’s Vehicle Pound located at 1N McKinney Road, Mallusk, Newtownabbey.

All vehicles will receive a £90 Penalty Charge Notice, discounted to £45 if paid within 14 days. An additional £40 will be payable for the release of any vehicle which has been relocated nearby, with a charge of £105 if it has been removed to the Vehicle Pound. Unclaimed vehicles remaining at the Vehicle Pound will be charged an additional £12 per day storage rate.