David Attenborough to Derry: Glendermott PS receive special letter

Kate Hutton’s primary four class in Glendermott Primary School were delighted to receive a letter from broadcaster and biologist David Attenborough recently.

By Daire Ní Chanáin
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 4:33 pm

The pupils each wrote an individual letter to the nature presenter expressing their love for his work and asking questions about environmental issues and they couldn’t believe it when Attenborough replied.

The primary fours explained to the ‘Journal’ why they wrote to Attenborough. Ria Porter said: “We decided to write to David Attenborough because we saw some of his documentaries and it really inspired us to write a letter.”

Saoirse Quinn said: “We were learning about the positive and negative changes and the endangered animals. “

Primary four pupils with copies of the letters they wrote to David Attenborough and their teacher, Miss Kate Hutton, holding the letter David Attenborough wrote back. The pupils didn't expect the popular broadcaster to write back so they were delighted to receive it.

Alexis Barkley said: “He’s so busy, we never thought he would write back!”

“We wrote because the pollution of land, air and water is getting worse and worse,” said Aaron Gallagher.

“I was really excited when Miss Hutton read out the letter because David Attenborough is really famous. I want to be like him when I grow up. I want to be a zoologist, that’s a person who studies animals. I love animals,” Said Ollie Doherty.

“I hope someone saves the world. I’m getting worried that the world might explode or something,” said Jack Christopher McLaughlin.

Primary four pupils in Glendermott Primary School who received a letter from David Attenborough.

“There’s ecological parks and allotments but there’s not a lot of them in Ireland. I think we should have more, “ said Alabeth O’Donaghoe

“It’s bad to throw things out. You should use the bin instead,” said Leo Bradley.

Caoimhín England and his football team spent the day picking up litter during the week while other pupils are also working to do their part to help the environment. Aaron Gallagher is making a bug hotel with his family, while Callum McDonald and his family are planting flowers for the bees.

In his letter to Miss Hutton, Attenborough wrote: “Thank you for sending me letters written by your pupils.

The letter David Attenborough wrote to primary four pupils in Glendermott Primary School.

“May I ask you to thank your pupils on my behalf and say that although I am not able to write to them all individually I am nonetheless delighted to know that they find my programmes so interesting.”

Miss Hutton said: “I’m so proud of my class. Their letters were just brilliant. They were all individual and they all wrote their letters themselves. They really focused on David Attenborough’s advice going forward, which was ‘making simple changes, using reunable energy sources and grow more plants’.

“They did really well and this letter is very well deserved.”