Derry boy elected to student council, following in his mothers footsteps

Primary 4 pupil Logan Ferguson has been elected to the student council in his school, St Oliver Plunkett PS. His mother, Alliance councillor Rachael Ferguson, couldn’t be prouder.

Monday, 18th October 2021, 5:42 pm

“I’m super proud of him. He initially told me he wasn’t going to put himself in for it and then the next day he stood up, made a speech and everyone voted for him. He was so proud of himself,” Rachael said.

Logan replied, “I am super proud that I was able to become a councillor. I probably have the most experience out of everybody because I’ve seen my mum do her work and she even sometimes brings us to work. I’ve seen a lot of what she does so I know what it’s like.”

But what exactly do student councillors do? Logan explains, “we have a question of a defibrillator and jobs like that. We’ll tell the principal what we want to do and then we’ll look it up to see how much it costs and then we’ll hold a charity thing so we can raise enough money to buy the defibrillator. I think that’s a brilliant idea because it will help so many people. Not just the school but the whole neighbourhood will use it.”

The P4 boy hopes to be like his mum when he grows up because he wants to help the environment, Rachael says, “They hear about all the different issues and they always say that mummy is listening to people and trying to help them, so they want to do the same. I think it’s great that they have their own voice in the school.

“I’ve brought these two up to voice their own opinions, to my own detriment sometimes! So I think he’s going to be a great advocate for his class.”

Rachael and Logan aren’t the only people in the family wanting to be councillors. Logan’s little sister Aria also has her eyes on the student council.

Rachael said, “She’s very empathetic and she loves to help her friends so when she gets to P4 I’d say she’ll put herself through to student council too.”

For now, though, Aria is happy to support her family members in their work. She said, “I am really proud of my mother and my brother. She’s in the council helping people and my brother is in the school helping people with what they need.”