‘Try something new’ says Derry art centre ahead of new term

Enrolment will open on Monday, Septemebr 12 for the next term of courses and workshops in Eden Arts Centre.

Judi Logue, Arts Centre Coordinator is looking forward to classes returning but wants to encourage people to try something new this term.

Judi said: “The classes are always really popular but quite often, when we start some new courses, people are reluctant to try something different. I’d love to get people to challenge themselves or just do something they would have never imagined doing before.

“We have ceramics, wood sculpture and painting, which are all really popular and fill up quite fast. Mosaic is one that didn’t fill up so fast at first but, now that people see what is being produced, it has become so popular. When people see how amazing the things are that have been produced, they want to get involved.

Judi Logue from the Eden Arts Centre with some of the work done in the classes previously.


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“The Print Making is an exciting new courseand I love the idea of being able to create packs of your own hand-made cards and tote bags and endless other possibilities. You don’t have to be able to draw or make intricate things to make something beautiful but in this class you could make a pack of hand-make Christmas cards for friends and family, I think that’s a beautiful gift to give.

“The Iconography is taken by Patrick Doherty and people in the class create amazing pieces, oftentimes as complete beginners. A lot of people come here and say they can’t draw or paint or whatever else but there is no ‘can’t’. You can draw and you can paint and it doesn’t matter if it’s not as good as the next persons; if you get joy and pleasure out of it then you keep learning and trying and practicing and that’s all the fun of it. It’s about enjoyment and socialising as much as the artwork you produce and people surprise themselves all the time. A lot of people come here who have been told by art teachers that they weren’t good at art. But, in here, they start to love art again.

“There’s all sorts of reasons for people coming together here; there’s people who are retired and just want something to do and there’s people who are stressed with work and need two hours to create in the evening. No matter why people are here, there’s always a great sense of camaraderie in the sessions.

“Jonny Shiels takes the Spinning and Weaving class and he’s a third generation spinning and weave-maker and crafts person and he’s got a lovely, gentle way about him. It’s something that people might be a bit afraid of but once you get started, it’s just lovely.


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The Spinning and Weaving class taken by Jonny Shiels gives people a chance to switch off for two hours a week.

“Inner Landscapes is abstract art, you create art from your inner being. That’s something new and I found that some people didn’t get into another course so they tried that and they absolutely loved it. It’s so relaxing and so creative, you’re working from inside you.

“Get out there and try something new and don’t be inhibited. Everything in here is suitable for beginners and improvers, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at. It’s great that people are at different levels because people are inspired by other people and see how much improvement they can make.

“It’s not school, there’s no right or wrong way to do things. The tutors are all lovely, they’re very encouraging and they keep the atmosphere in the room very calm and relaxing. Art is so special and you can get completely lost in your piece. You’re not thinking about anything else and that’s so important these days. Everyone’s mind is cluttered with stuff and phones and information so to just sit and get lost in a craft or an art is so important.


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“We’ve moved online with enrolments, which I understand can be difficult for some people but it’s pretty straightforward to do. A lot of the classes are booked up quickly so I would suggest, if the class you want is booked up, why not try something else? You would be surprised at how much you would enjoy it!”

A piece made in the Iconography class by a complete beginner.

The full list of classes and registration details can be found at www.edenplaceartscentre.com

In the Spinning and Weaving workshop, participants get the chance to spin sheeps wool.


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Pieces made in the Mosiac class in Eden Place Arts Centre.
Some of the pieces made in the ceramics class in Eden Place Arts Centre.