VIDEO: Wains’ World - St Columbas PS

Pupils at St Columba’s Primary School are on Wain’s World this week and they know almost everything about space.

Tuesday, 2nd November 2021, 10:18 am

Oisin, Richard and Jamie were up first. The P4 boys were very knowledgeable on outer space and were able to explain how different planets have different atmospheres.

P5 pupils Conor, Sophia, Aoife and Isla were next to talk about the texture of the moon and what they think aliens look like.

Jamie: ‘There’s some good and some bad aliens so it’s like a war zone on the moon. Their eyes are black but some of them might have a small white dot, so small you can barely see it.’

Oisin: ‘We don’t know if they’re real but they could still be out there. For instance, they could be travelling to earth right this very moment but because there’s so many galaxies, planets and one humongous universe, they could be travelling from another galaxy five million light years away.’

Richard: ‘The planet closest to the sun is not the hottest planet. It’s the second closest to the sun. I can’t remember what it’s called. There’s one planet that is the farthest away from the sun. It’s Pluto and it does have something but it’s not lava - it’s ice!’

Isla: ‘I thought the moon was cheese when I was only five so one day I was going to ask my parents if I could go to space and try the cheese. I would’ve seen Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk too.’

Conor: ‘So the moon’s circular but it’s basically flat, you think that here’s flat but it’s a sphere. But imagine if you were at the top of the moon’ and just walk off it? I always thought it would be cool to sit on the moon and sky dive off it.’

Sophia: ‘Sometimes aliens can have three arms or they might just have one. Sometimes they can even have five and they can be pink, blue, black, green…’

Aoife: ‘Did you know that if you get a piece of a meteor you will be a multimillionaire? They cost a lot of money.’

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