Wains’ World - St Oliver Plunkett PS

Pupils at St Oliver Plunkett Primary School feature in Wain’s World this week and they discuss the topic on everyone’s mind a the minute - climate change.

By Daire Ní Chanáin
Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 12:59 pm

The Primary 7 pupils are very knowledgeable on the topic and they give tips and hints on how each of us can do our bit to reduce the affects of climate change on our world.

Hannah, Tiegan and Sophie were first to explain what exactly climate change is.

Claragh, Philip and Jack were up next to discuss how COP26 will have an impact on people around the world.

Pupils in St Oliver Plunkett's Primary School. Front row (L-R): Claragh, Tiegan & Sophie Back Row: Jack, Hannah & Phillip

Hannah: “I know climate change is such a big topic at the minute and if we don’t stop now then we wont have much time later on.”

Tiegan: “I think climate change is definitely a problem in our world an for the others that are going to come into the world, it’s just going to be horrible for them, it won’t be the same as it is now.

“We’re just going to gather more and more rubbish and have no space left.”

Sophie: “Climate change is a really big thing and now they’re having people from all over the world come to Glasgow for a big meeting about it.”


Claragh: “We are polluting the earth and it needs to stop.

“The people who are going to Glasgow are actually polluting the earth because they’re using planes to get there and that is polluting the earth by using more gases.”

Jack: “Some of the world leaders who haven’t paid too much attention to climate change are just focussing on their own countries and what to do .

“They’re trying to stop cutting down trees and I’m pretty sure I heard something about trying to suck all the poisonous gases out if the sky.”


Phillip: “For people who don’t believe in climate change - they’re putting their lives in danger too because they will keep using fuel and wet wipes and thing and they are putting more danger in the world.”

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