ARC Fitness to host Derry’s largest health fair at Millennium Forum

Addiction recovery charity ARC Fitness are to host a public ‘Empower Health Fair’ next Wednesday April 6 at the Millennium Forum.

ARC Fitness seeks to provide attendees with access to information and resources to help manage and improve their physical and mental health. The health fair is a new campaign to highlight the benefits of physical activity.

The free of charge event will take place from 10am to 2pm. There will be 26 stalls presenting a variety of different health related community groups. This will be the biggest collaboration of its kind in the city to date.

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Those who attend will have access to free health checks including blood pressure and cholesterol, mindfulness and fitness demonstrations. The fair is part of the organisation’s new ‘Motion Changes Emotion’ campaign through which ARC is aiming to highlight the positive impact physical activity, aka ‘motion’, can have on your day-to-day life, both physically and mentally.

Left to right: Gary Rutherford, Maggs Campbell, Lee Curry and Kevin McGowan. Photographer Adam Montgomery.

ARC Fitness is a non-profit organisation that was first launched in 2019 by Gary Rutherford, who is a registered mental health nurse and a qualified personal trainer. The service seeks to give individuals who are recovering from addiction and substance misuse an opportunity to focus on improving their mental and physical wellbeing through physical activity, professional support, and re-connection with community.

“We’re really excited to be launching our newest campaign ‘Motion Changes Emotion,” said Gary.

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“We look forward to potentially sharing some breakthrough information and resources with anyone who is either struggling themselves or knows someone who is struggling with substance misuse. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight the importance of motion, the impact that it can have on us and show that by adjusting our level of motion, we can actually change the trajectory of our life.

“So whether you are someone who is in recovery from substance misuse, looking to improve your mental or physical wellbeing, or even just someone who is looking to implement some change into your life, we want you to know about the power of physical activity and the many benefits it can have on your life. Our Empower Health Fair is taking place on April 6 and is designed to offer people the help and resources to take those vital steps towards change. So if you think that is something you might be able to benefit from, please come along. We really look forward to welcoming you there and helping you on your journey.”

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For more about ARC, the campaign or to partner with ARC in any way, please visit