Covid-19 latest: mask or no mask?

Dr Paul Molloy believes there are “tricky” times ahead as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 3:27 pm
Masks reduce the spread of viruses.
Masks reduce the spread of viruses.

I have had several people contact me recently asking me about my opinion on wearing masks and what I’ll do if it becomes non-compulsory, writes Dr Paul Molloy.

Obviously, it’s not up to me to make this difficult decision and I will abide by what the policy is. However, we are facing a tricky period.

In the coming months, we will see an increase in the numbers of children getting viruses and adults getting flu.

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This, coupled with any COVID pressure, will increase the volume of work for the NHS.

Personally, throughout the COVID era, I have felt that, if I managed my own person by wearing a mask, if needed, washing my hands and social distancing, then I’d let the government directions look after themselves.

I don’t find it taxing to use a mask and I will probably continue to do so. Continuing to do so will also reduce the spread of all other viruses.

Whether you decide to do the same is totally up to you, as long as you are within the government guidelines.

As we are expecting to see many more children with temperatures, it is important that, once they get ill, you get a COVID test as soon as possible.

If it’s negative, we can see the child in the practice, if needed.

The test might be a bit uncomfortable but it won’t do any lasting harm to anyone getting it done.

It is also very important that everyone, including children, continue to self isolate if the guidelines suggest they should.

There appears to be an opinion that self isolation doesn’t apply if you have been vaccinated or if you are a child.

This isn’t the case and, until things change, we should comply with what the government advice is.

Paul Molloy is a general practitioner working in Derry.