Covid: we’ve probably seen peak of cases, says Derry GP

The current situation with Covid is looking more positive that it did before Christmas, at least in terms of case numbers, writes Dr Tom Black.

We have probably seen the peak of cases but there will still be people testing positive for a good few more weeks.

This, combined with the normal winter colds and flu, will mean GPs will continue to be under pressure for a few weeks yet.

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It will also mean ongoing disruption to our hospital services as staff continue to have to isolate either because they are unwell or because they have to look after family members who are unwell.

This will continue to have a knock-on effect on elective and other non-urgent procedures.

The road to re-build our health services is going to be a very long one, unfortunately. Hopefully, some of the changes that were able to happen at speed in response to the pandemic can be replicated elsewhere in the service where there is an urgent need for change.

Our vaccination programme has helped us fend off the worst of this wave of infections so I would continue to encourage anyone who can to get their booster and if anyone has not been vaccinated at all to please still come forward for vaccination.

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Dr Tom Black is a GP working in Derry. He is also chairperson of the BMA (NI).