New 'long-COVID-19' service accepting referrals from Derry

A new dedicated 'long-COVID' service accepting referrals from Derry and the wider Western Trust has been launched by the Minister of Health.

Mr. Swann launched the first dedicated assessment and treatment services for patients with post COVID-19 syndrome on Monday.

From today, one-stop-shop multidisciplinary assessment clinics will be accepting referrals for post COVID-19 syndrome in all Trust areas.

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The Minister said: “Establishing dedicated services for the assessment and treatment of Post-Covid-19 syndrome patients has been a priority for me. Many people are suffering long term effects of Covid-19 and these clinics will offer services across multiple disciplines including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing.

Robin Swann

"The clinics will allow people to have a comprehensive assessment of their condition and will help them access the services and expert advice they need to support them in their recovery.”

Clinics will refer patients on to other services where appropriate, and will provide patients with advice on how to manage their condition to aid recovery.

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Patients must be referred to the clinic by their GP or hospital consultant.

Clinics are open to patients if their GP considers their symptoms are due to PCS, irrespective of whether or not they had a positive PCR.

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Mr. Swann said: “The multidisciplinary clinics are one element of a suite of services being established for post Covid19 patients. Work is well advanced on other services including a bespoke pulmonary rehabilitation/dysfunctional breathing service for patients with significant respiratory symptoms post-COVID-19.

“I will continue to review services on an ongoing basis to ensure the best possible help and advice is available from those suffering from post COVID-19 symptoms.”