Derry Healthcare arrangements for Bank Holiday next Monday

Monday, September 19 will be a bank holiday as a State Funeral is held for Queen Elizabeth II, which means some Health and Social Care Cervices will be impacted.

The Trust will be operating enhanced Bank Holiday services in order to reduce the impact on patients and service users. Trusts will be offering a range of services in addition to those ordinarily provided on a Bank Holiday. This means they will endeavour to maintain as many scheduled inpatient, day case and diagnostics services as possible with priority given to those people with greatest clinical need. Chemotherapy sessions will also be maintained. Where your care will be affected by the Bank Holiday, the relevant Trust will be in contact with you.

GP practices will be closed on Monday 19 September. If you require urgent medical care when your GP surgery is closed and cannot wait until they reopen, you should contact GP Out of Hours. GP Out of Hours will be operate from 6pm on Friday, September 16 to 8am on Tuesday September 20.

The majority of community pharmacies will be closed and a pharmacy rota will be in place. If you need a pharmacy on Monday September 19, check the rota to find a pharmacy near you.


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If you experience a dental problem, patients should ring their dental surgery or if they are not registered with a dentist, they should contact a local dentist. Dentists will have arrangements in place to offer advice, prescription for pain relief or management of your urgent dental condition.

If you have an urgent eye problem on Monday September 19, please contact your local Optometrist in the first instance. If your Optometry practice is closed and your eye problem is very urgent and cannot wait until normal opening hours, please contact your nearest hospital Emergency Department.

For social care emergency on Monday September 19, please call the Regional Emergency Social Work Service 028 9504 9999. You should always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk. If you or someone you know is in distress or despair call Lifeline on 0800 808 8000.