Derry’s Ironman hero Danny Quigley shares meal in Sikh Gurdwara with friends and supporters

Derry’s Ironman hero Danny Quigley popped in to the Gurdwara in the Waterside to visit friends who contributed to his recent fundraising efforts for local mental health charities.

Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 10:48 am

Danny was famously chosen as Charity Worker and Sportsperson of the Year at the Derry Journal People of the Year Awards after he raised over £100,000 for PIETA house and The Bogside Brandywell Health Forum by running 10 Ironmans in just 10 days.

For the popular athlete it was a very personal challenge in memory of his late father Colm who sadly died by suicide 10 years ago. It was a poignant tribute to Colm who Danny has described as a ‘model father and my teacher’.

Among his biggest supporters has been businessman and educator Amerjit (Simon) Singh Nagra, a key figure within Derry’s Sikh community and the NI. Sikh Association.

Simon was delighted to welcome Danny and his son Mal to the Sikh temple at the top of Simpson’s Brae.

“Danny and I share plans to build cross-community ties, because mental health does not differentiate between creed, race, religion or gender,” said Simon.

“We want to ask all communities to join in our cause. I invited my great friend Iron man Danny Quigley - ‘Derry Journal Charity Worker and Sportsperson of the Year’ - to launch plans to team up, to improve mental health and help with poverty relief in the city.”

During the summer Simon told the ‘Journal’ the Sikh community intended opening up the Gurdwara on a cross-community basis to provide a free kitchen and other initiatives. This, he said, chimed with the Sikh concept of ‘sewa,’ a principle of selfless volunteerism derived from the Punjabi word for ‘service.’

“The Sikh Community has agreed to produce hot healthy vegetarian meals with any one that requires them. Danny, who eats healthy, experienced our humanitarian culture and had his first ‘langar’ - meal together, which signifies no human being on earth should starve and eating together helps brings God’s humanity together crossing all boundaries and of course the social interaction improves mental health.”