Full M.O.T. approach to Men’s Health Week at the Men’s Hostel in Derry

The Men’s Hostel in Derry have marked Men’s Health Week with a focus on key programmes aimed at improving and enhancing well-being.

The theme this year was ‘the full M.O.T.’, and followed on from the pandemic when the urgent message was keeping safe as opposed to being on top of overall physical and mental health.

A spokesperson for the Hostel said: “Our efforts this year have included health checks and tool kits designed to direct our residents to healthcare and community services conducive to their well-being.

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“Our packs have been inspired by the Men’s Health Forum UK and the Centre for Suicide Prevention in Canada which is spearheading a ‘buddy campaign’.

Facilitators joined residents at the Men's Hostel at Crawford Square to mark Men's Health Week.

“This campaign is aimed at raising awareness of suicide among men and encouraging people to pay attention to changes in their buddies and others around them.

“We would like to extend a thanks to the Men’s Action Network for their contribution to our project and to the Glen Development Initiative for the warm welcome and support our staff and residents received at their events.”