Significant rise in Derry ‘new homeless’

Twenty seven people presented as newly homeless to the Foyle Haven Day Centre in Derry in the period August to September, charity Depaul has confirmed.

The homeless charity said it has noted ‘a rise’ in recent months of those presenting as newly homeless, particularly in the Western area.

Of the 27 people presenting to Foyle Haven Day Centre in Derry, 47 per cent were in their 30s, with 22 per cent losing their tenancy due to addiction issues.

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The charity has previously called for a homeless Health Hub, similar to the one opened in Belfast in 2018, to be established in Derry, in order to meet the growing health needs of those experiencing homelessness in the Western area.

Depaul said that protecting homeless people’s health at this time is the ‘main priority’ and revealed they saved 29 lives during 2019 and witnessed 53 overdoses in services in the same period.

The charity has also said that the number of children born into their services grew dramatically in 2019 with 13 children born into services, up 62.5 per cent on the previous year. In addition, the charity supported 219 families through its accommodation and community services.

In 2019 Depaul supported 911 adults (an increase of 30.70 per cent in the previous year), supported 520 children, worked with 219 families, provided 1,605 floating support visits and provided 5,303 floating support phone calls.

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