Stephen Nolan 'struggling' with weight-loss regime but N.I. people convince him to 'keep 'er lit'

B.B.C. broadcaster and television presenter, Stephen Nolan, said he is "struggling" to maintain his remarkable weight-loss regime.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 5:45 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd August 2019, 6:45 pm
Stephen Nolan lost more than eight stone in less than eight months. (Photos: Stephen Nolan/Twitter)

Nolan, 45, made headlines in June after he lost more than eight-and-a-half stone in eight months.

The award winning broadcaster recently returned from a holiday in the U.S.A.

However, he revealed on Twitter that it took him several days to get back into the gym.

"I’ve no doubt I’ll be 20 stone by Xmas again," said Nolan towards the end of July.

"Obesity is the most vicious demon I’ve ever faced," he said.

"It keeps coming back to destroy me.

"Tonight, I’m fighting.

"But I can’t keep on fighting this forever," added Nolan.

Impressively, Nolan has hit the gym several times recently during which he has conveyed how difficult he is finding it.

"Lost the energy bug. Struggling to keep exercising. I land on the Santa Monica beach again on November 2," said Nolan.

"I desperately want to run it faster that day. I suspect I’ll wobble along it much fatter. This is too tough," he added.

Many of the people who have been both impressed and inspired by Nolan's remarkable transformation attempted to keep his spirits up.

"Keep 'er lit!!! You’ll run that beach in record time and look back at this photo and smile," Tweeted one man.

"You’ll come out of this dip....keep your chin up and think of how far you’ve come already," added another.

One man who, like Nolan, is trying to lose weight and get fit, said: "Stephen you get shed loads of people messaging you and I usually refuse to be part of the masses that engage BUT I implore you to keep at it sir! I’m working away up at 280lbs."