Weekly testing at Faughan continues and drinking water for 60% of Derry citizens remains safe, says Edwin Poots

Environment minister Edwin Poots says weekly testing of the River Faughan near the Mobuoy dump site continues to demonstrate that the water quality in the river remains good.

By Kevin Mullan
Friday, 25th June 2021, 5:47 pm

Routine testing was introduced as a result of concerns that macerated waste contained within the dump could leach into the river.

The Cloghole abstraction point just downsteam of Mobuoy supplies Derry with 60 per cent of its drinking water.

Foyle MLA Martina Anderson described it as a ‘major source of drinking water for Derry’ during an exchange in the Assembly this week.

Mr Poots said: “My focus is to ensure that we provide safety when it comes to drinking water in the River Faughan. Testing is carried out weekly to ensure that the water quality remains good, and it does.

“We are looking at developing a course of work that will ensure that the waste material that is there is made safe for generations to come.”