Fundraising runs to renovate H-Block monument in Derry’s Bogside on 40th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike

The late Jamsie Quinn at the H Block memorial.The late Jamsie Quinn at the H Block memorial.
The late Jamsie Quinn at the H Block memorial.
Derry Republican Graves Association is organising two fundraising runs to help finance the refurbishment of the H-Block Monument in Rossville Street as part of the 1981 Hunger Strike 40th Anniversary events.

Former IRA hunger striker Raymond McCartney said: “The H-Block Monument was initially erected in May 2001 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1981 Long Kesh hunger strike in which ten men died. It is now recognised worldwide and features prominently in the historical tours provided by the many guides now operating in the City.

Derry Republican Graves Association in cooperation with the 1981 Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee are undertaking a major refurbishment of the Monument in this the 40th Anniversary year. As part of this fundraising effort, ‘Derry Republican Graves Association’ is organising two sponsored running events, consisting of twenty-two runners to represent the number of republican prisoners who died on hunger strike in the different phases of the national liberation struggle.”

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The runs will take place on March 1 and October 3 marking the first and last days of the 1981 hunger strike. If Covid regulation restrictions remain in place, the runners will participate separately.

Mr. McCartney also welcomed the announcement that the National Hunger Strike march will be hosted in Derry this year.

“‘Remembering 81’ commemoration committee have organised a programme of events which will culminate with the annual National Hunger Strike March taking place in Derry on Saturday, August 7 this year. As this is an event that attracts thousands of participants from across the 32 Counties and beyond it will, of course, require cognisance of the possibility that public health restrictions may still be in force at that time. If public health dictates, then alternate arrangements will be put into effect. I would appeal to anyone who wishes to contribute to the fundraising efforts to visit the ‘Remembering 81 Committee’ Facebook page which will facilitate on-line contributions to Derry Republican Graves Association.”

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