Newly published novel ‘Faithful Steward’ an account of tragic wreck of ship that left Derry quay in 1785

A novel about the ‘Faithful Steward’ which was wrecked off Delaware after leaving Derry for Philadelphia in July 1785 has been newly published.

By Kevin Mullan
Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 11:25 am

‘The Ship Faithful Steward - A Story of Scots-Irish, English, and Irish Migration to Pennsylvania’ has been launched by Yellowtail Snapper Publishing.

Author Harry Wenzel, who has researched and written his second historical fiction novel based on Delaware’s worst ever maritime tragedy, said ‘a love of researching historical events and genealogy led to writing the narrative’ and that the ‘novel incorporates actual history and the research was a fulfillment of a story, one that would never be written and left untold if never researched’.

The novel tells the story of how 236 years ago a three-mast square rigged sail ship left Derry for New Castle, DE and Philadelphia.

“Captain Connolly McCausland, one-third owner of Faithful Steward, from Limavady, set sail with a crew of twelve and 249 passengers.

“Famine and religious persecution drove many thousands of Irish to the shores of North America in the 1700s.

“The American Revolutionary War ended in 1783. British America, in particular Philadelphia, was loaded with wealthy Scots-Irish merchants, having migrated prior to the revolution and who joined and became the backbone of General Washington’s army and the Pennsylvania Navy,” said Harry.

Sadly the voyage ended in disaster.

“Everyone’s life was destined to change and forever be altered by an event to unfold on September 1, 1785 near the Indian River Inlet. Readers will discover a fascinating tie-in between those migrating from Ireland, and their knowledge of or relation to others residing in Pennsylvania. The storyline ends with a gut-wrenching account of the wreck, followed by a clever tie-in to Lewestown, DE, all based on an actual news account dictated by a shipwreck survivor, years following the disaster,” according to the publisher.

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