Wreath laying ceremony in memory of Patsy Duffy

A wreath-laying ceremony will mark the 43rd anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Patsy Duffy who was shot dead by British soldiers in Derry in 1978.
The late Patsy Duffy.The late Patsy Duffy.
The late Patsy Duffy.

The commemoration has been organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in conjunction with members of the Duffy family. It will take place on Sunday at 1 p.m. in the City Cemetery.

Mr. Duffy, who came from the Bishop Street area and later lived in the Brandywell, was unarmed when he was shot dead by undercover British soldiers on November 24, 1978.

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The father of six was killed as he went to check on weapons which he had held on behalf of the IRA.

He was struck by up to 14 bullets in the back and died instantly from his injuries, while his daughter and grandchild were waiting outside the house in a car. The father of six was described as a victim of Britain’s ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy by the late Bishop of Derry, Dr. Edward Daly.

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