12 week transformation: week seven - progress photographs

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It was time to face the music.

The time had finally come for my six week check-in.

Yesterday, the scales and tape measure were brought out, and I had to prepare myself for progress photos.

The thought of it had filled me with dread, but I was actually delighted with what I have achieved so far. In six weeks I’ve lost just over 9lbs, which I was surprised at as actual weight loss wasn’t really my initial goal.

Measurements wise, everything has come down as well, with final amounts to be confirmed! I was delighted with the half way point photographs, even though they were the second attempt due to the fact that my original sports bra is now far too big on me!

It’s given me a much needed boost that’ll spur me on now for the next five and a bit weeks.

Danny at U-Turn Fitness has changed my routine up slightly this week as we’re quickly speeding towards the March 31 photoshoot.

I’ve been happy with my progress to date, but I have been enjoying a VERY balanced lifestyle. Who knew you can actually fit a bottle of white wine into your daily calorie allowance?

So the next six weeks will be completely alcohol free, and sticking to everything 100% just to get the best results possible.

My daily step targethas now been set at 15,000, with added high intensity training several mornings a week, along with any other cardio I can really do.

So, if you see me looking half asleep on the stairmaster in PureGym at 6am, be sure to say hello.

At the time of writing this, I’ve clocked up a total of 60,000 steps, and 26 miles. It’s safe to say I’m shattered, and along with my usual weight sessions at Academy and bootcamp, I’m usually fast asleep before 10pm most nights.

The strongman/woman class has started back on a Sunday now at U-Turn Fitness for the duration of Lent, which brings more challenges. It’s a pay as you go class, and open to everyone.

On Sunday past, even though I am dieting, I was able to squat a personal best of 130kg. The aim now is to better that in four weeks’ time.

The last few weeks have been a struggle, but the hard work is paying off, and it’s made me even more motivated now to get my head down and focus towards the photoshoot on March 31.

Let’s just hope I don’t have my carbs taken away from me too soon!

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