Aine launches new cookbook

Derry-born cookbook author, Aine Carlin, says she believes her current book, '˜Cook Share Eat Vegan,' which was launched earlier this month, could be her most successful yet.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 1:11 pm
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 1:11 pm
Derry's Aine Carlin prepares a Melon, avocado and butterbean salad, one of the recipes in her book 'Cook Share Eat Vegan.' Photo: Danielle Wood.

It’s the third vegan cookbook published by the former Thornhill College pupil, who now lives in Cornwall.

“I hope people will view the recipes in this book as fantastic food that happens to be vegan.

“I wanted to get across that there’s a sharing element. That veganism doesn’t have to be this solitary pursuit or something that you do by yourself.

“This book is about making vegan food accessible for everyone. People think that veganism or plant based eating means they’ll have to change their lifestyle completely.

“I hope the book will give them the flexibility and encourage them to use and adapt the recipes, to add bits and take bits away.

“The recipes are quite robust. They can be altered and they’ll still turn out okay. The menu suggestions in the book are about not stressing out. It is plant based food and the food is there but it’s really about enjoying the company and the kinship.”

Aine, who has appeared on television cookery shows in Ireland has been kept busy with a hectic book publicity tour here and in the UK.

She’s also preparing to appear at the hugely popular River Cottage food Festival in August,

“I’m so excited about taking part in the festival,” added Aine. “I also really want to do another book and I’m trying to organise a retreat in Spain with Lee Watson, the author of Peas and Parsnips.

“I’m also doing talks in between here and there. I’m constantly working but it’s great.”

Aine’s book ‘Cook Share Eat Vegan’ is currently available in bookshops and on Amazon.