Watch the hair-raising moment woman tries to stop her runaway car smashing into her neighbour's house

CCTV captures driver’s risky attempt to avoid disaster as her car rolls off her driveway and into the street

A young driver’s lucky escape from wrecking her car and her neighbour’s house has been caught on video.

CCTV footage shows Courtney Lovland desperately clinging to her Vauxhall Corsa as it rolls off her driveway, across a road and straight towards a neighbouring property, stopping just inches from disaster.

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Courtney, 22, had just parked on her drive and was about to unload the car but was forced to chase her car in blind panic after it began rolling out of the parking space.

Courtney Lovland tried to stop the runaway Corsa

CCTV footage filmed outside her house in Harefield, Southampton, shows Courtney then desperately clinging to her car as it gathers speed.

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Despite looking as if it is about to plough straight into the neighbouring house, she said the car fortunately stopped just inches from the wall, after knocking down a small fence on her neighbour's drive.

Courtney, who works in the head office of a care company, said she and her family found the video of the 1,200kg car rolling out of control across the road “hilarious” - but at the time she found it “terrifying” as she watched the car head straight for the property.

The car stopped just inches from the Courtney's neighbour's house

She said: “I have no idea how it happened, but the handbrake just popped off - and suddenly the car shot off the drive.

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“I had no idea what to do and it all happened so quickly too - all I could do was chase the car while yelling for help.

“It seemed to be gathering speed really quickly as well - I was terrified.

“I’m so lucky it stopped when it did and it squashed my neighbour’s fence, instead of ploughing into his house.

Courtney Lovland said after being terrified at the time she now found the footage hilarious
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“It could have been so much worse, but now I know everything worked out okay and nobody was hurt, I can see the funny side.

“I must have watched the video a hundred times - but I still laugh every time I do.”