Nostalgia: What a fish! - from the Derry Journal of June 1994

Eugene Henry, general manager, and Reggie Ryan, proprietor, Donegal Prime Fish, were recently photographed with the “Catch of the Day” - a Halibut which was caught by the Greencastle fishing crew of Cyril Harkin on the boat, the ‘Dermot Ann’ at Rockall, which is 36 hours steaming from Malin Head.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 5:43 pm
A halibut caught off Rockall and landed in Greencastle in 1994.

The fish, which weighed 170 lbs. and is about 6 ft. from head to tail can weigh up to 700 lbs. fully grown and has a lifespan of 50 years.

The fish was purchased in Greencastle by Donegal Prime Fish, based in Derry, and is destined for the tables of Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo.

'The above is an excerpt from an edition of the Derry Journal in June 1994 that was reproduced in the 'Of Times Gone By' section of the paper that appeared on Friday, June 7, 2019, the very day the current, continuing Rockall controversy was reignited by the Scottish Fisheries Minister Fergus Ewing.'