Derry company launches new Clever Foodie e-commerce system

A Derry software company has launched a new e-commerce system in a bid to help food and drink producers deal with online orders.

Clever Foodie was designed by Aeroblue Software, a passionate team of software developers from Derry who have experience in multiple industry sectors creating software solutions to improve sales and distribution. They have a strong focus on helping customers reduce costs by optimising order picking and truck loading.

Having secured major customers delivering up to 35,000 food products per day, Aeroblue are continually working to deliver innovative online systems, with Clever Foodie set to launch on March 29 at IFEX, Northern Ireland’s premier showcase of the latest food and drink products, catering equipment, interiors, technology and services to the food, retail and hospitality industries.

Jason McDevitt, Managing Director of Aeroblue Software said: “We’re really excited about launching Clever Foodie, and what better place to do it than at IFEX which is our absolute favourite conference to exhibit at. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelming to date, with one in particular telling us that we ‘saved them over 8 hours per week in collating orders and organising collections and deliveries’ which is what Clever Foodie is all about. The pandemic changed digital behaviours and the way customers order food and drink products, so the aim was for us to ensure that producers could easily rise up to meet new digital standards of ordering, without the headache of tedious admin through a smart system that helps them with so much more.”

Clever Foodie


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With Clever Foodie set to launch on March 29 at IFEX with a shiny new website showcasing their 2022 brand, you can register to be one of the first to be notified when the site is live, or follow Clever Foodie on social media for updates on the launch. Clever Foodie is an innovative ecommerce system designed for Food and Drinks Producers who offer fresh meals and baked goods made to order. The system halps streamline online ordering, management and admininstration - from taking orders to generating production sheets and delivery matrix, the online ordering software has been designed to remove tedious admin work that can typically create headaches for food and drink producers.