Hit Dutch cycling film to premier in Derry this weekend

A hugely successful film about the Dutch culture of cycling will have its first official screening in the North this weekend, as part of the 2018 Foyle Film Festival.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 11:29 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 12:32 pm

‘Why We Cycle’ looks at the transformative impact that a culture of cycling has had upon The Netherlands - where there are more bicycles than people, and getting around on two wheels is just a normal part of life.

It shines a light on how cycling has become so ingrained in Dutch culture, to a point where they neither think about it nor realise it is different or special.

And it draws conclusions and lessons for other countries on the impact that cycle friendly cities can have on societies.

Released earlier this year, the film was an instant surprise hit in the film world – and not just with cyclists.

People interested in broader issues such as transport, sport, environmentalism, social justice, urban planning and general city living have all flocked to see the film when its been screened in cities around the world.

‘Why We Cycle’ is being brought to the 2018 Foyle Film Festival for its first official Northern Ireland screening this Sunday, November 18 at 3.30pm by Cycle Derry and Cyclist.ie.

Cycle Derry is a community-led group that was established last year to promote a culture of cycling in Derry and throughout the north-west.

Cyclist.ie is a nationwide network for the various cycling campaign groups that exists across Ireland.

It negotiated the rights to screen the ‘Why We Cycle’ film in Ireland, to make it as accessible as possible for groups and individuals to see.

Cycle Derry Chairperson, Steve Bradley, commented: “Whether in London, New York, Belfast or Dublin – cycling is increasingly being seen as a great way to get around cities, and to make them more enjoyable and livable places.

“The Dutch have been leading the way on this for decades, so it will be great to understand through the film what we can do to create a proper cycling culture here, and to appreciate the benefits it would bring to Derry.

“Come along and see how we can all help to make Derry an even better place by embracing the positive power of cycling.”

Foyle Film Festival Director and Programmer, Bernadette McLaughlin, added: “Foyle Film Festival is always delighted to screen films that tackle important social issues.

“WHY WE CYCLE is an important film as it demonstrates all too clearly the health and social benefits to be derived from leaving our cars at home and getting onto two wheels”.

Chairperson of Cyclist.ie, Colm Ryder, said: ‘This film about the Dutch experience, and how cycling impacts on society in the Netherlands, is a fantastic exposition of what safe, widespread, everyday cycling can bring to a society.

“The film runs for less than an hour, but leaves an indelible impression. This is a must-see show for anyone interested in Planning, Transport and the future health of our society!’

The film is being screened in the Nerve Centre cinema, this Sunday, November 18 at 3.30pm, with tickets priced at only £3.

Before the film, representatives from both Cycle Derry and Cyclist.ie will explain a bit about the activities of their organisations – including some exclusive news about Derry’s first ever Cycling Festival, which will be held in June 2019.

For more information or to book tickets, visit www.foylefilmfestival.org/programme/why-we-cycle