Derry rescue organisation pleas with cat owners to get pets neutered

St Columb’s Animal Rescue and Rehoming (SCARR) are appealing for public donations of wet kitten food and cat litter ahead of kitten season.

SCARR said they have already taken in two pregnant cats as well as two cats that have recently given birth and are expecting a lot more pregnant cats and kittens through the coming months.

Catherine Magill from SCARR said, “Cats should be neutered as soon as they are old enough, both for the health of the cat and for their owners. 
“Cats can breed from as early as four months old and, given the chance, they will mate with siblings and parents, which causes a host of issues in the kittens. We’ve had so many sick kittens die after coming into us because they have had such an awful start in life and it’s heartbreaking to see. Cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered are also more likely to fight and roam and could end up costing the owner hundreds in vet bills, whereas it costs very little to get them ‘fixed.’ That also spills over to us where unwanted kittens and pregnant cats end up coming into our care and we are left with huge vet bills and costs to care for them.
“We’re putting out an appeal now for wet kitten food and cat litter in preparation for a busy kitten season ahead of us. Anyone who would like to donate can message SCARR on Facebook to organise a pick up.”

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“We also have a number of pets in our care that are looking for a home, such as Toby, the one year old male whippet.

St Columb's Animal Rescue & Rehoming are urging people to get their cats spays and neutered ahead of kitten season.

“Toby is an affectionate fella who just wants to be near you, he bonds quickly and loves the company of humans. He also enjoys the company of other dogs, although he is still learning how to play and interact with them appropriately. “When given correction by one of the other dogs in his foster home, he accepts it without rancour and backs down every time. Neither his previous owners, nor his foster home, have seen any sign of aggression in Toby. In fact, his foster mum would describe him as being a bit ‘yellow’ and backs down every time he gets a telling off by another dog - regardless of their size, or the circumstances.

“Since he was an 8 week old pup, Toby was raised in a house with 4 children, so he could be rehomed to a family with dog-savvy kids. But he does like to jump up for a cuddle, so he may not be suitable for families with small children or grandchildren.

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“He walks reasonably well on a lead, though he can pull sometimes when he is excited. His new owners will need to build on his lead manners. Like most dogs, he will benefit from some good basic training.

“As is typical of his breed, he is happiest when cuddling up next to you on the sofa. He is also very vocal, and has entire ‘conversations’ with you, especially when you are giving him attention, cuddles, or scratching behind his ears. He is quite food orientated and will ‘counter surf’ if he gets a chance . If allowed the opportunity, he would quite happily eat from your plate at the dinner table. Although, ironically, he is not that greedy for food when he gets it.

Barney the Beagle is one year old who needs an active home who can give him patience and time to settle in.

“His recall has been tested in an enclosed dog park and there were no problems getting him to come to you when called. But, like with any new dog - his recall should be faultless before he is exercised somewhere that is not fully enclosed and his new owners should keep in mind that Toby is a sight hound and his nature will be to chase anything small, furry and fast moving!

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“In a very short time, he has bonded hard with his foster mum and others who regularly visit the house. So the sooner he is in his forever home, the better for Toby! This dog needs consistency, security and affection and when he gets it, will be a total loving, sticking plaster to his new family.

“Toby is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. He is housetrained although please consider when a new dog comes into a new home there may be some accidents due to a change in routine and environment.”

“Another dog in our care is one year old Beagle Barney. He was found straying and after a couple of weeks of searching for his owner, both through the relevant authorities and on social media, he has come into our care to find a new home.

Toby is a 11 month old whippet/lurcher type male dog looking for a new home.
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“Barney is a brilliant boy, he loves a good carry on with the dogs in his foster home so could live with another friendly and playful dog that would match his energy. We would ideally be looking for breed experience. Barney needs an active home with patience and time to help him settle after so much upheaval.

“Barney is housetrained, chipped, neutered, vaccinated, worm and flea treated to date.”

“Seven month old collie Rex recently joined us and is looking for a home. He was saved from being drowned by a kind family but they were unable to keep him so reached out for help.

“Rex is a very lively, intelligent young collie. He will need an active family with breed experience that are prepared to do a lot of training with him.

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Seven month old Collie Rex is looking for a home.

“This beautiful boy just loves other dogs and will play all day if given the chance, so he can be rehomed with other friendly dogs in the family.

“Rex wouldn’t be used to living with young children so teenage kids or adult home only.”

To enquire about any of these dogs or to make a donation of wet kitten food or cat litter, contact SCARR on Facebook. Monetary donations can also be made to cover vet bills on Paypal.