Shauna Cusack warns against sharing holiday snaps after holiday makers home burgled

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has urged people to think twice before publicly sharing their holiday experiences in real time online and advertising their empty home.

Cusack says that posting holiday snaps and stories can leave a persons home vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

She said: “While we have all waited such a long time for the opportunity to either travel abroad or domestically, it’s so hard to contain our excitement and experiences wanting to share every minute with friends and family on social media. For those lucky enough to be able to get a break away, the first thing we reach for is the phone to let the world know that we’ve managed to escape the daily drudgery whether it be for a night or a fortnight.

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“However, it is worth remembering that while those who love and care for you will be enjoying all your pics and posts, there may be others in the background using this information to commit crimes against you and your property. Given the amount of personal information we upload about ourselves, it’s not difficult for unscrupulous individuals to pinpoint your property and how long it will be vacant. I recently heard of a case where a woman filming and uploading the recent queues at Dublin airport was simultaneously having her property burgled.

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack. (DR4113JB145)

“While no one wants to be damp squib, being more cautious about what, when and to whom we share could save any nasty shocks on return from holiday. It’s also worth considering that many insurance companies may not cover any losses if they discover you have openly advertised your property is vacant. My advice would be ‘share the craic when you get back’, share all your pics and pleasures when you return. Keep you and your family safe and don’t give anyone the opportunity to turn your well earned break into a homecoming nightmare.”