The Derry cat that nobody wanted finds ‘furever’ home

Plum had been up for adoption for over a year and watched her kittens get adopted to live happy lives in their new homes. But it seemed like nobody wanted Plum.

That was until Jennifer Bradberry-Axten came along. Jennifer saw Plum on St Columb’s Animal Rescue & Rehoming (SCARR) Facebook Page and fell in love with her instantly. She set about adopting Plum and they have been living happily together since Thursday.

Jennifer said: “As soon as I saw Plum’s little face and what she was called, it really drew my attention. Then when I read her appeal, I completely fell in love with her. I saw that she had kittens last year and that they were all adopted so I knew she had been waiting for a long time. She deserves a home as well so I’m so happy she has that now.

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“It’s been going really well so far. Plum gets a bit spooked every now and again but considering she’s in a new home with new people, she’s settling in really well. I’m like a proud mum seeing how well she has adjusted to living with us! She’s still a bit shy but she’s coming out of her shell a good bit, especially considering she’s only been here a few days. She’ll come over and look for cuddles sometimes and she’s very vocal too, she comes in to meow and say good morning to us when we wake up.

Plum, the cat that nobody wanted, has been adopted after over a year of being in foster care.

“Plum’s foster mum is delighted for her that she’s got a new home but I can tell she’s going to miss her loads too. You could see that she really cared for her but she knew that Plum wasn’t the biggest fan of her foster-siblings. Plum is the only cat now and she runs the house!

“I would say for anyone considering adopting a cat to give an older cat a chance. They’re so sweet when you get to know them and they deserve a place of comfort as well with someone’s undivided attention when they want it. Definitely, give an older cat a chance.”

Plum is settling in well in her new 'furever' home.