Let the battle of the moustaches commence

Two Derry men have begun a battle to see who can grow the best moustache by the end of November.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 8:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:51 pm
Warren Stevenson, Owner of the Mancave Barbers, with John Mann and Paul Loughrey.

Friends John Mann and Paul Loughrey both met at the Foyle Hospice. John is a volunteer bus driver with the charity, while Paul, who has motor neurone disease, attends the hospice’s day care unit.

The two formed a firm friendship when John began collecting Paul in the minibus to attend the Foyle Hospice.

And they’ve now joined forces in a special fundraising effort for the charity.

“I first met Paul in the day care unit,” said John. “Then he started getting the bus and the friendship developed from there.

“Paul is a really special guy. He is so positive. No matter what happens or if he is having a bad day, he never shows it.

“And if Paul is special to me, can you imagine how much he means to his lifelong friends and family?”

But John describes Paul as a “rogue.”

“I told Paul I was going to do Movember, and he decided he wanted to do it too,” he said. “Even though his wife doesn’t like facial hair. I was going to start early because I don’t have much growth but Paul told me to wait and we could both start at the same time. But when I went to see him this morning I found out he had already starting growing it and he’s a week ahead. There’s a devious side to him. But we are having great craic with this. The banter we have together is great.

“Paul is simply the life and soul of day care. He is just amazing. Paul and I would like to encourage other men to take on the Movember challenge. It is for a great cause.”

At the end of the month the two have promised themselves the treat of having a proper shave.

“But who knows, maybe I’ll keep my moustache,” said John. “At least I will have the chance to keep it!”

To sponsor John contact the fundraising office on 71359888.