253 civil service vacancies in Derry and West Tyrone

Over 250 vacancies in the civil service needed to be filled in Derry and West Tyrone at the end of November, according to the latest figures available from the Department of Finance.

There were 186 vacancies in Foyle and a further 69 in West Tyrone giving at a total of 254, the Finance Minister Conor Murphy (pictured) advised SDLP MLA Daniel McCrossan in a written response to an Assembly Question.

Mr. Murphy said: “When a department identifies a vacancy it needs filled, the request is referred to Northern Ireland Civil Service Human Resources [section] in the Department of Finance to initiate the process to fill the post.”

The 253 vacancies in the north west refers to the NICSHR caseload at the end of November.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy

Some of the positions may be filled by previous applicants for posts within the civil service, the minister added.

“Where there is an existing live competition merit list, the vacancy is filled from this available supply.

“NICSHR undertakes recruitment planning for the civil service using information provided by departments. NICSHR liaises with all departments on an ongoing basis to seek to prioritise recruitment activity within allocated financial and staff resources,” he stated.