Week five: diet struggles, moral support and team work at U-Turn

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It’s swiftly approaching the half way point of my transformation, and although I knew it would be hard, I didn’t think it would be THIS hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I love training, I love cooking, but I’ve faced a mental stumbling block this week when it came down to small changes in my diet.

After progress photos were taken last week, Danny changed my diet up a little bit. And it really is a little bit. Yes, my calories have been cut, but realistically it isn’t by very much, but in my head it feels like I’ve had something huge taken away from me.

Coffee has been my saviour, and I think by the end of these 12 weeks I’ll need to buy shares in the Limeleaf cafe as I end up in there most days on my lunchtime walk for an extra caffeine fix.

Apart from feeling particularly hard done by, and quite grumpy, I’m sleeping very well, and also training well.

I made a conscious effort this week to skip early morning sessions and train in the evenings, and so far I’m averaging about eight hours of blissful sleep per night. I’d say it’s because I’m so tired from training hard, but in reality the caffeine has wore off and I have no meals left to eat, so the latest I’ve went to bed all week is around 10.30pm.

The great thing about training in a group setting like at U-Turn Fitness is that there is support from the people you are training with, even when you’re acting like a complete grump all week.

There really is something for everyone at the unit on the Whitehouse Road. There was even a new block of sessions in the ‘Fitness Academy’ that started this week, which caters for everyone from the absolute beginner, to those who have higher fitness levels.

There are also bootcamp classes, HIIT sessions, and also a ‘Mix It Up’ class on offer a the unit, so no matter what you’re looking to achieve, you will find something that suits.

I can’t write about my experience at U-Turn without mentioning the people I train with in the Transformation Academy.

The sessions are always tough, but the craic and support is always great. Even with my big grumpy head this week, I laughed my way through a lot of sessions. And of course, I have to give a mention to Ronnie and his 40kg dumbell chest press, who has been dying to get his name mentioned in the ‘Journal’ for the last five weeks!

This weekend will be quiet, with nice walks, nights in and films planned. Hopefully next week I’ll be a lot less grumpy!