Alder Road and Cornshell Fields on north of Derry city to be resurfaced this year, says Sandra Duffy

A busy road and nearby estate in Derry city's northern suburbs are to be resurfaced in the near future, according to a local councillor for the area.

Resurfacing scheduled.
Resurfacing scheduled.

Works on the Alder Road that runs from Culmore to the Donegal border will begin within the next three months, according to Sinn Féin Councillor for the Ballyarnett area Sandra Duffy.

Cornshell Fields, meanwhile, will be resurfaced later in the year, she said, after discussions with the Department of Infrastructure this week.

She said: "The Alder Road has been causing significant difficulties for motorists due to its poor state of disrepair and has been regularly dug up by utilities laying pipes for both gas and water in recent times.

“This is a busy road and in its current state was becoming a danger to motorists.

"I also discussed the ongoing issue of the need to have Cornshell Fields urgently resurfaced.

“I have been assured that once the statutory requirement of one year following a utility laying pipes has passed which will be July, that the work will begin on Cornshell Fields. This will be very welcome news to residents who have no alternative route to use to access their homes".