Anonymous to set up campand occupy Guildhall Square

A Derry affiliate of the Anonymous movement will occupy Guildhall Square on Friday, in what's planned as a rolling protest against austerity and for a more just society.
Guildhall Square.Guildhall Square.
Guildhall Square.

Anonymous North West said it hoped the ‘protest camp’ would be a catalyst for people to come forward and voice their frustrations.

The group announced: “Anonymous North West Ireland will be setting up a protest camp on Guildhall Square beginning 1pm. This protest camp is intended to be a starting point, a catalyst for future protests with ever increasing numbers; a point where people can come to say we have had enough.

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“Our purpose is to give people that vehicle, that opportunity to voice their anger on the streets instead of just shouting at a TV. Austerity is the pretty name given by the increasingly rich ruling class, to modern day enslavement of the lower classes. The people here have a rich history of protest, let’s start here and now, come and join us.”

The group wants people from all traditions and none to get involved.

“Never has there been a better time for both traditions to join together in the fight that we are faced with because we will all be affected equally by this conscious cruelty. These issue are not Orange or Green as we might traditionally expect or argue, rather, regardless of the flag that flies on the lamp post, the pain and misery will be the same. We are calling on all, regardless of their political/religious preference and none, to join us in the struggle for a more just society.”