Appeal to help end Rosemount fly tipping '˜merry-go-round'

Shauna Cusack.Shauna Cusack.
Shauna Cusack.
SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has appealed to the local community to help identify those who persistently dump and fly tip in the Rosemount area.

She said she had been contacted “for the umpteenth time” about illegal dumping in one particular laneway.

“The residents are beyond frustrated, as are council, cleansing and myself. It appears to be a merry-go-round of action, and while recently there have been a few penalties issued, those responsible are getting more sophisticated when it comes to evidence. I only wish they could be as sophisticated with their waste disposal as opposed to leaving it next to family homes to attract vermin.

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Colr. Cusack said it appeared to be down to a house clear-out in the area. “I am calling on those in the area to provide information on any new tenancies they have observed. Someone must have seen or know something. If we cannot change this selfish mindset we must work together to identify the culprits,” she said.

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