Awards continue to flow for Foyle inspired film '˜TIDES'

A new film celebrating the River Foyle by Derry-based Italian filmmaker, Alessandro Negrini, is continuing to pick up awards on the film festival circuit.

‘TIDES’ won two awards on the same evening in two different prestigious festivals: Honourable Mention Award for Best Film in the ‘State of Error’ section at the Milan Film Festival and Best Film Soundtrack Award at the Treviso Doc Festival.

Mr Negrini, who attended the awards ceremony in the Palace of 300, said he was honoured to receive the awards.

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“The film is an invitation to rediscover our capability to remember our forgotten dreams,” he said.

‘TIDES’ was edited by Belfast-based Stuart Sloan.

The voice of the River Foyle is provided by former Magee College drama student, Emma Taylor

According to the film’s producers: “In an imaginative and poetic way, the film ‘TIDES’ is a celebration of the river Foyle, its history, its past and new stories that have lived above and under its water.

“‘TIDES’ is narrated from the point of view of the river through an imaginative river’s own voice: what has it seen, heard, witnessed in this long time of running towards the ocean?

“Furthermore, what is the Foyle whispering to us today? What could it tell us? What does it know about us? What does it know about our lost and found dreams?”

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