Bogside riots leftGalliagh mum cold

The recent disorder in the Bogside resulted in a Galliagh mother being left without hot water for a time due to a contractors' unwillingness to travel to the area while trouble was ongoing.

Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 10:00 pm

That’s according to Sinn Féin councillor for the Ballyarnett District Electoral Area (DEA), Caoimhe McKnight, who said it was ‘incredible’ essential repairs to the woman’s heating system were cancelled due to rioting that was taking place more than three miles away.

The Galliagh-based councillor said “I was contacted by a resident living in the Fernabbey area of the city, telling me that the heating system in her home wasn’t working and was there anything I could do to help get it fixed.

“This constituent lives on her own with her children and whilst we are going through a good spell of weather its still not good to have no home heating for the likes of hot water or drying clothes.

“She was shocked that when she called APEX out-of-hours service to be told that the company employed for the repairs had cancelled the job and would not be out until trouble in the Bogside had stopped.

“I find incredible the contractor employed by Apex withdrew their service even though she lives nowhere near the trouble.”

Colr. McKnight said large social housing landlords needed to ensure back-up plans were in place to prevent tenants being left in limbo.

“Whilst the contractor may be unsure of the geography of the city its important a housing provider like Apexputs in place contingency plans in such situations. This is simply intolerable.”

A spokesperson for Apex said: “Apex were carrying out work in the Fernabbey/Galliagh areas last week.”