'˜Burglars terrorising decent people who no longer feel safe'

Burglary. (file pic)Burglary. (file pic)
Burglary. (file pic)
SDLP Councillor, Shauna Cusack, has warned people to be vigilant following a spate of break-ins in the wider Rosemount area.

Speaking after homes were targeted in Hatmore Park, Norburgh Park and Florence Street, she said: “I was disgusted to find out that two of the properties targeted on Wednesday belonged to what the authorities would term vulnerable ‘ individuals, which is people over 60 years of age. I have been able to visit two of the victims and speak to them of their ordeal.

“While only cash and some medication was taken these gentlemen were obviously quite upset, not only by the intrusion but the considerable damage caused in one of the homes. Some of the victims are also on medication for health issues.”

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She urged anyone with information about the burglaries to come forward

“The culprits who did this should be ashamed that for a pittance of cash they have traumatised innocent, decent people who may nolonger feel safe in their homes.”

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