Call for politicians to donate to foodbank

A Derry ex-community worker has called on local politicians in the north-west to set an example by donating to local foodbanks.

Frankie McMenamin urged local MLAs from all parties to organise donations from their own parties towards the charity drive, ahead of an expected hike in the number of people becoming reliant on foodbanks.

Mr McMenamin said there would be many struggling to find the money to meet the costs of Christmas this year, and it was important that those that could help, including the political and business sectors, donated.

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From January to early November, over 4,000 people had been helped by Foyle Foodbank. Numbers are expected to soar further in the coming months as the rollout of Universal Credit reaches Derry. The Derry charity released the figures as it launched its city-wide food drive to ensure that no-one goes hungry in the city this Christmas.

Mr McMenamin said: “Our politicians, MLAs from all the parties, should make a donation from their party or from their own money towards the foodbank. While they are sitting down to a nice Christmas, there are a lot of people struggling to provide to their families for Christmas.

“I think it would be a great gesture. They should pick a charity every year and get together and make a significant donation. St Vincent de Paul would be another good charity to give towards.”

Politicians and business people as well should make a donation, and I know there is probably a lot of businesses out there already giving towards the foodbanks.”