Campbell: Media can be '˜pain in the neck'

DUP MP Gregory Campbell believes the media can be 'exceptionally unfair' and do not always bring 'balance or equity' to public debate.

Saturday, 10th March 2018, 6:00 pm

The East Derry MP was speaking at Westminster where he agreed with the Conservative MP for Dudley South, Mike Wood’s, view that the fourth estate can sometimes be a “pain in the neck”.

Mr. Wood commented: “The relationship between politicians and the media ought to be uneasy.

“It is safe to say that the press and the media more broadly can be something of a pain in the neck.

“On occasions, that sensation may be felt in an area a little lower down, and I know that from personal experience.”

Mr. Campbell agreed and said it was one of the reasons why he has sometimes been a vocal critic of various media outlets in the past.

“The hon. Gentleman says that some sections of the media can be a pain in the neck. No one should take ​exception to that. Setting aside any pains anywhere, the problem many of us have is that on occasions some sections of the media are exceptionally unfair,” he said.

“They do not seek balance and they do not seek equity in terms of the various parts of any debate.

“That is why many of us have a problem, particularly with the broadcast media, including certain sections that we pay for,” said the East Derry DUP MP.