Campbell sees Romania asbulwark against Russia

DUP MP Gregory Campbell believes the development of greater ties with Romania and others eastern Europe states can act as a bulwark against Russia.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 4:59 pm
The DUP's Gregory Campbell

The East Derry MP made the remarks during a debate in the British House of Commons during which he forecast that good relations with Romania, as well as with the Balkan and Visegrád member states of the European Union, will continue after Brexit next year.

He suggested that “after we leave the EU next year, we can continue to build” relationships in Europe, “irrespective of our or their EU membership”.

Mr. Campbell said that the continuation of these relationships will be good for trade and tourism.

“There is scope for two-way development between Romania and the UK, as well the other eastern European nation states, to build a closer relationship that will help as a bulwark against Russia, to build that two-way trade relationship and to help the economies in both nations,” he said.

Mr. Campbell’s party colleage Jim Shannon, the MP for Strangford, also contributed to the debate and agreed.

“The advantage for us is that we get labour coming over, and we also have contact through people going back,” said Mr. Shannon.

“The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should invest in Romania. There is potential for investment, for development and for making money - investors want to make money on their projects,” said Mr. Shannon.