Car crashes through garden fence and strikes bedroom wall in Derry

A local councillor has said it is lucky nobody was killed or seriously injured when a car crashed into a house in Derry at the weekend.

Councillor Brian Tierney at the scene.
Councillor Brian Tierney at the scene.

Significant damage was caused to a home in the Oakgrove area, off the Lenamore Road, when a vehicle careened through the garden fence and struck a wall.

SDLP Councillor for the area Brian Tierney said it is the second time a car has hit a house in the area within the space of five years.

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“It’s extremely lucky that nobody was seriously injured or killed during this incident when a car came off the road, crashed through a fence and into this house causing significant damage to the building and emotional distress to the residents. The car crashed right into the bedroom with residents in the property and this was a very close call," he said.

Damage that was caused to the house

Colr. Tierney said it's not the first time a crash of this type has occurred.

“Unbelievably this is the second incident of this nature within the last five years and we can’t afford to see another one."

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He said action is needed to keep motorists, pedestrians and local residents safe.

“I visited with the residents affected on Monday and it’s fair to say they are still shaken as a result of this incident. Their garden is destroyed and their home is damaged and they are living in fear that this could happen to them for a third time. I’ve assured them myself and my SDLP colleagues will do all we can to highlight this issue and get measures put in place to ensure we never see a repeat of this terrifying crash.”