Children's First Aid workshop next month

Children in Derry can avail of a unique opportunity to learn First Aid at a workshop next month.

Children performing CPR on Flat Stan manikins at a previous first aid workshop
Children performing CPR on Flat Stan manikins at a previous first aid workshop

Emergency Care NI is holding a children’s First Aid workshop on August 15 which will allow kids from the age of three to learn life saving techniques.

The children will be also be taught home safety during the 90 minute workshop.

Charlie Howes, of Emergency Care NI, decided to start the workshops after a witnessing a drowning incident in Scotland.

‘The child was along with friends and when he got into trouble in the water they all just froze. They didn’t know what to do. I got the child out of the water and performed first aid on him. Thankfully he survived. I decided then to start holding children’s first aid workshops because if the children there had known what to do they could have acted quicker.’

Charlie said it is important that children are educated so they don’t panic in emergency situations and don’t run away if something happens.

Emergency Care NI regularly offers First Aid courses in schools throughout Northern Ireland and is also responsible for training registered childminders.

‘During the workshops children will learn CPR on specialised manikins. They are called Flat Stan Manikins and they are more child friendly because they are spongy’.

‘We show the children what to do in an emergency, how to put someone in the recovery position and teach them to when and how to call 999’.


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The training is delivered by people who have medical backgrounds, including paramedics, nurses and doctors.

‘We teach the kids how to assist if someone is choking, and this is extremely important as there have been numerous reports of fatalities as a result of choking. They will also learn how to treat cuts, bruises and nose bleeds. They will have an opportunity to have lots of fun with slings and bandages too.’

They are also taught how to test smoke alarms and the importance of fire drills.

At the end of the workshop each child will receive a certificate, a Flat Stan First Aid book and a schoolbag key ring with an assortment of hypo allergenic plasters inside.


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‘This allows them to use the skills they have learned during the workshop if friends fall and cut themselves’.

The workshop costs £15 and will be held in the Waterfoot Hotel on August 15.

To book a place for your child contact Emergency Care NI via its Facebook page or visit Altneratively call 07881795857 or email [email protected]