Brandon Lewis proposes statute of limitations for all Troubles killings

Brandon Lewis this afternoon proposed a statute of limitations for all Troubles related killings.

The Secretary of State also proposed an oral history project to allow people to tell their stories and share their experiences of the conflict.

Three key proposals have been detailed in paper published by Mr. Lewis this afternoon.

Speaking in the British House of Commons he announced: "Firstly, a new independent body that will focus on the recovery and provision of information about Troubles-related deaths and the most serious injuries. This body will be focused on helping families find out the truth about what happened to their loved ones."

Brandon Lewis


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He added that a package of measures will include 'a major oral history initiative consistent with what was included in the Stormont House Agreement'.

"This initiative would create opportunities for people from all background to share their experiences and perspectives related to the Troubles," he said.

Controversially he announced 'a statute of limitations to apply equally to all Troubles-related incidents'.

He acknowledged: "We know that the prospect of an end to criminal prosecutions will be difficult for some to accept but this is not a decision we take lightly."


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He said the proposals will 'deliver on our commitment to veterans who served in Northern Ireland' and provide 'certainty to the former members of the security forces, many of whom remain fearful of being the subject of ongoing investigations that hang over them for years to come.'