Derry bin men help police catch suspected thief

Bin men in Derry city centre helped a police officer apprehend a man suspected of theft on Monday.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 6:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:22 am
The man was arrested and taken to Strand Road PSNI station.
The man was arrested and taken to Strand Road PSNI station.

The man started to behave suspiciously when he saw a police officer walking towards, said the PSNI on Facebook.

"Yesterday I was walking back from court (after another adjournment) - to the Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Team office when I spotted a fella who went OTT (over the top) trying to 'play it cool'," said a PSNI officer on the PSNI Foyle Facebook page.

"'The Fonz' he was not. His 'playing it cool' actually consisted of a total look of panic upon seeing me, a quick change in direction and multiple nervous glances over his shoulder. He might as well have been wearing a black and white outfit, a black eye mask and a bag saying 'SWAG' over his shoulder."

The police officer continued: "I obviously followed 'Fonzy' and he immediately sprinted off. Some bin men pointed to where he ran so I set off in hot pursuit and caught him at Police Court Street (cool name).

"He had tried to ditch his jacket and an actual bag of swag but a lovely lady showed me the car he threw the stuff under. The bag contained stuff stolen from a commercial burglary over the border last night.

"Needless to say he was #Arrested and taken to #HotelStrandRoad. Think the #Gardai definitely owe us one for this."