Gary Middleton appeals for calm and condemns violent attacks on PSNI in predominantly unionist areas of Derry

DUP MLA Gary Middleton has condemned the violence directed at the PSNI during four consecutive nights of disorder in predominantly unionist areas of the Waterside.

Friday, 2nd April 2021, 3:28 pm
Gary Middleton

Mr. Middleton appealed for calm after police and firefighters were attacked in the Lincoln Court and Rossdowney Road area.

He said the violence, like that which flared in Tullyally on Monday, Tuesday and Wedensday, is “counterproductive."

“The overwhelming message that I want to get across is an appeal for calm,” he said.

“Obviously tensions are high, and obviously there are a number of factors around which the loyalist community are feeling frustration — such as the confidence in the PSNI and the handling of some incidents. But I want to emphasise the fact that I condemn violence and attacks on the PSNI. There are other ways that people can vent their frustration, in peaceful ways and democratic ways.”

He continued: “Going out and attacking the PSNI and damaging your community is not the way.”

The Foyle MLA added: “That is counterproductive to any cause, and it could cause serious injury or even death if people continue to throw petrol bombs or other missiles at police. That does not have majority support within the Waterside community.”