Liam Wray, brother of Bloody Sunday victim Jim Wray, reacts to Soldier F non-prosecution decision

Liam Wray, whose brother Jim was shot dead in Glenfada Park on Bloody Sunday, says the discontinuance of proceedings against Soldier F demonstrates how hard it has been for innocent people to get justice from the British State.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 4:28 pm

Mr. Wray said he believed justice had been 'subverted' as a result of the original handling of the massacre by the authorities in 1972.

"The reaction wasn't of surprise, it was with some disappointment. It just proves that for innocent people, innocent civilians and their families to get justice, even after 49 years, it was always going to be a difficult thing to achieve, particularly when we had what we saw in 1972 when all the forces of the state lined up together to collude so that we arrived 49 years later, because of that collusion in 1972 that the present PPS cannot pursue justice and justice has been subverted," he said.

Liam Wray, whose brother Jim was shot dead on Bloody Sunday.

The PPS announced on Friday that it would discontinue proceedings against Soldier F for his role on Bloody Sunday due to the inadmissibility of statements gathered from British soldiers in 1972.

The decision followed a court ruling in April that found evidence relied upon in the prosecution of two former soldiers for the killing of Official IRA member Joe McCann in Belfast in 1972 was inadmissible because of the circumstances in which it was obtained.

"It's not that Jim was less innocent today than he was yesterday. It's just that because of that set of circumstance that we cannot pursue the case against Soldier F.

"It's disappointing. It's not just disappointing for our family it's disappointing for all the other families out there and the members of all the Bloody Sunday families who know what has happened.

"Nonetheless what we have done is highlight the injustice, we have pointed fingers at people and now other people should hold the state to account from today on, going forward, to make sure these things never happen again against innocent people," said Mr. Wray.